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Our Story

Fuego Mexican Grill was founded by Agustin, Maria, and Maximino Ruvalcaba. After so much time thinking about the approach to Agustin's dream of being an owner of a Restaurant, we finally decided to go with a fast-casual concept that is often popular and effective. Knowing the risk and hardship to come, we as a whole jumped in on the idea. Agustin decided to call it Fuego, and he wanted it to be traditional to his home. Maria liked the concept of both name and style. Maximino being the youngest decided that the name couldn't just be Fuego because no one would know what there is or how it is. Concluding calling it Fuego Mexican Grill and making it a more Modern Traditional Style, by keeping it simple and engaging. With this, everyone started to get to work on making it a reality. Agustin and Maria worked on getting a location set out, and Maximino was left with constructing a logo and making it a brand. Finally, after all of the work came the time of opening our doors, and on January 16th, 2020, Fuego Mexican Grill left its impact in Columbus, NE.

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